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Inspiring Words



(Metropolitan Christian Academy of The Arts)

I am the most beautiful expression of God's creative mind.
When God wanted to break the monotony of space,
He created a universe, great and ever expanding.
When He desired to see beauty in nature,
He created running rivers, bulging mountains and towering trees.
When God chose to see a reflection of Himself,
He created mankind In His own image and likeness.
It is not by accident that I am here – But by divine appointment;
Not just BECAUSE, But for A CAUSE.
I choose to ally myself to that cause until it is fully accomplished.
Society, in rare moments of cruelty has told me what I am not,
what I cannot do, what I cannot be.
That negative message has been reinforced
by my environment, and sometimes by well meaning but misinformed people.
But in my mind, and in my heart, This message is reversed.
I CAN DO, I WILL BE and I honor the rights of my fellowman to DO, to BE and to BECOME!
Whatever my dreams, my mind can conceive and my heart will believe - trusting in God and believing in myself I CAN ACHIEVE!
The more impossible my dreams, the more I will learn to trust God for their truths. I will seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to make these dreams come true.
I choose, therefore, to cherish my hopes, follow my dreams, and embrace life with a passion, for I am the most beautiful expression of God’s creative mind.
Helena Barrington, C. 1980